Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

  • Document Reference: ML-VDP
  • Document Version: 1.0
  • Last Updated & Approved: 22/12/2023
  • Review Period: 12 months
  • Next Review Date: 22/12/2024

At Main Layer we are deeply committed to ensuring the security and confidentiality of information entrusted to us, including our own and that of our customers, consumers, and employees. Cybersecurity is a top priority, and we recognise the significance of privacy and community outreach in maintaining a secure environment. Our commitment extends to addressing and reporting security issues through a collaborative and constructive approach, prioritising the protection of technology users and Main Layer’s information.

When notified of legitimate security concerns, we promptly acknowledge vulnerability reports, allocate resources for investigation, and expedite the resolution of potential issues. We value the contributions of all stakeholders, whether users of Main Layer products, software developers, or security enthusiasts, in this collaborative process. To report security issues, please use Contact Us form. However, we emphasise the importance of respecting privacy, acting in good faith, and collaborating with us in the reporting process. Exfiltration of data, exploitation of vulnerabilities to disable security controls, social engineering, and the use of automated scanners are strictly prohibited.

Upon receiving a vulnerability/security report, Main Layer follows a comprehensive process, ensuring confidentiality, investigating and verifying the vulnerability, addressing it through updates or patches, and keeping the reporter informed throughout the resolution process. We express gratitude to security researchers for their valuable contributions, enabling us to enhance our products and services, and ultimately better protect our customers. Thank you for your collaboration and adherence to our disclosure policy.

This is Main Layer’s commitment to security, transparency, and collaboration. Thank you for partnering with us in ensuring a secure digital environment.


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