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Taper Mouth Insulated Shovel – 10″ x 12.5″

The Richard Carter taper mouth insulated shovel is ideal for shovelling out or mixing concrete, working tarmac and cement, backfilling trenches, and manoeuvring ballast.Shocksafe® range offers a wide selection of digging and striking tools for and with professionals for over 15 years. Integrated treads provide better grip, increased comfort, and protection for the user’s feet. The polyfibre handle offers optimum strength and insulating properties. A triple-reinforced and extra-wide grip section is tailored to accommodate work gloves and larger hands. Made in conformance with BS8020:2011 and flash tested to 10,000 Volts.


  • Integrated spade treads for increased comfort and protection
  • Individually traceable
  • Conforms to BS8020:2011 standards
  • Shocksafe® insulated handle measuring 711mm (28″)
  • Spade size 255mm (10″) wide tapering to 215mm (8.5″) by 320mm (12.5″) long
  • Weight: 2.5kg
  • Made in the UK

Manufacturer Part Number: 2TTRPFINS

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SKU: ML-04-016

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