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Ridgid Pipe Cutter Crackers – 246

The Ridgid 246 soil pipe cutter, often referred to as crackers, has been designed to provide safe and quick operation. Ratchet action handle parallel to pipe allows for application in narrow trenches. The pipe crackers requires minimum clearance around the pipe and is capable of cutting 1.5″ to 6″ clay, cast-iron or cement pipe. Full lifetime warranty, for full details refer to manufacturer’s website.



  • Simple and easy to use
  • Parallel ratchet action handle
  • Ideal for use in hard to reach places
  • Hand handle guard to add an extra protection for the user
  • Made in the USA

Cutting capacity:

  • Concrete pipe – 4″ to 6″
  • Clay pipe – 1.5″ to 6″
  • Class 22 water main – 4″
  • Extra heavy-duty cast iron soil pipe – 2″ to 5″
  • Service weight cast iron soil pipe – 1.5″ to 6″
  • No hub cast iron soil pipe – 1.5″ to 6″


Manufacturer’s Part No. 32900


Disclaimer: Ridgid® is a registered trademark of RIDGID, Incorporation.


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SKU: ML-05-007

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