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Radiodetection CAT & Genny Direct Connection Lead Kit

The Radiodetection ® direct connection lead kit has been designed to be used in conjunction with a Genny and includes the most common connection accessories, which are used for applying a signal directly to utilities. This makes it ideal to provide a convenient connection point for the direct-connect lead signal connector. Earth reel lead is 10 meters long, and wound on a convenient spool. It’s used to extend the direct connection lead earth return connector when a local earth point cannot be reached or is not suitable. A metal earth stake is inserted into the ground to provide an earth return path for the Genny signal.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Can be attached to metallic pipes and street furniture
  • Provides a convenient connection point
  • Compatible with Genny2, Genny3 and Genny4 signal transmitters

The kit consists of:

  • Direct connection lead – Part No: 10/GENNY-DC-LEAD
  • Earth extension lead – Part No: 10/TX-EARTHLEAD
  • Earth stake – Part No: 10/GENNY-EARTHSTAKE
  • High-strength neodymium magnet – Part No: 10/TX-MAGNET

Manufacturer Part Number: 10/GENNY-KIT

Disclaimer: Radiodetection®, Genny2®, Genny3® and Genny4® are a registered trademarks of Radiodetection Limited.

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