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PAM Gas Monitor Calibration & Bump Test

This service is to certify that the GasAlert MicroClip Personal Atmosphere Monitor (PAM), also known as a gas monitor, has been inspected and calibrated in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification.
A bump test is a brief exposure of the sensor to gas that verifies the sensor is responding and the alarm is functioning. It takes less time and requires less gas than a full calibration.
Calibration is the exposure of the sensor to a certified concentration of gas for a particular length of time. The calibration process verifies that the gas detector is providing accurate readings. Part of the calibration process requires a process called zeroing. Zeroing sets the sensor to recognise the ambient air as clean air. If the gas detector is in a clean air environment (meaning there are no other gases present and relevant to that sensor type), then the air in the room can be used to zero the sensor. If the environment is contaminated, then measuring and reading the air as zero will provide inaccurate readings. The sensor in this type of environment requires zeroing with a zero air cylinder.
Both types of tests are important. A bump test will let you know if the gas detector is still capable of reading gas levels, but it won’t tell you if it is reading the correct levels.
When you choose us to service your equipment, you can be sure of first-class service. Main Layer maintains a database of all previously calibrated tools and therefore has the ability to advise the owner prior to the end of the calibration interval. Upon successful completion, the tool will be labelled and supplied with a certificate of test and conformance.
To minimise the downtime, we offer mobile calibrations that can be carried out on site, at your convenience.
  • Visual inspection and advisory report
  • Calibration and bump test
  • Functionality checks
  • Labelling of the equipment

Models covered:

  • Clip
  • Extreme
  • Quattro
  • X3
  • XT
  • XL

When sending items to us, please make sure to include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Full return address
  • A valid e-mail address
  • Telephone contact number

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