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MBW Soil Pick PRO Version Kit

The MBW high velocity soil pick is a selective excavator tool. Selective in the sense that it fractures, pulverises, and displaces porous and semi-porous soils, yet leaves non-porous objects unaffected. It excavates soil without the risk of damaging buried utilities by using a supersonic jet of air. It employs converging and diverging nozzle technology to accelerate compressed air to supersonic speed (up to 1475 mph). The high velocity air stream travels approximately 4″ from the end of the nozzle before decompressing to atmospheric pressure with sufficient violence to pulverise and displace soil.

Non-conductive and non-sparking tools are of obvious benefit to those working in environments that may be gas-enriched and/or be in close proximity to live electric cables.

Above all, it requires no periodic maintenance. A pressure gauge on the handle assembly advises the operator if the tool is working at an acceptable pressure. Therefore, it ensures maximum performance at all times. The MBW soil pick weighs only 3kg, has zero vibration and, as a result, can be used for extended periods without fatigue.

The MBW soil pick Pro is the model of choice for those using accessories. The barrel comes in two pieces 36.5″ straight length and 2.5″ nozzle. The main benefits of the Pro model are the easy change of accessories and the cost-effective solution, as the end piece can easily be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new barrel.


  • Available in three models 80, 125, and 160 CFM*
  • Easy change of accessories
  • Cost effective solution
  • Made in the USA

Manufacturer Part Number:

  • SP80PRO – 80 CFM*
  • SP125PRO – 125 CFM*
  • SP160PRO – 160 CFM*

*CFM is an abbreviation for cubic feet per minute (cu ft/min)

The kit consists of:

  • Soil pick – choice of 80, 125 or 160 CFM*
  • 36.5″ straight barrel length
  • 2.5″ nozzle attachment

Effective cutting depth:

  • SP80 – 100mm (4″)
  • SP125 – 100mm (4″)
  • SP160 – 200mm (8″)

Air volume:

  • SP80 – 2265 L/Min
  • SP125 – 3540 L/Min
  • SP160 – 4531 L/Min

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