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Insulated Handle Chisel Crowbar Pry Bar

The Richard Carter insulated handle crowbar, also known as a pry or wrecking bar, designed for opening, prying, chiseling, and leveraging applications. The flat chisel head enables a tool to be used as a lever. Shocksafe® range offers a wide selection of digging and striking tools continually developed for and with, professionals for over 15 years. Fibreglass handle offers optimum strength and insulating properties. Made in conformance with BS8020:2011 and flash tested to 10,000 Volts.


  • Single chisel end
  • Individually traceable
  • Conforms to BS8020:2011 standards
  • Shocksafe® insulated handle measuring 1500mm (60″)
  • Head size: 35mm at flat end
  • Made in the UK

Manufacturer Part Number: 60CBFGINS

Disclaimer: Shocksafe® is a registered trademark of Richard Carter Limited.

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