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Product Catalogue

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Our full product catalogue provides an overview of the products and services we currently offer. If you require more information or are looking for an item not currently stocked, please Contact Us. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your requirements.

Product Flyers

WASK Single Hole Twin Bag Map

A handy diagram displaying the entire Wask single-hole twin bag equipment product line, including part numbers and optional accessories.

WASK Teeset & Bagset Product Map

Service Laying

An entire Wask product map with part numbers and optional accessories for Teeset and Bagpipe bagging off and bypass equipment.

Serviflex® Spare Parts List

A complete list of the replacement components, parts and consumables for Synthotech Serviflex® kit.

Manual Instructions

WASK Gas Pipe Crimping Tool

Installation and operation instructions for the PE pipe hand crimping tool (16mm to 32mm).

Steve Vick Service Taper Tool

Full step-by-step manual instructions for chamfering tools (also known as a splicers or tail cutters).

AVK 456 Multi Crimp Tool

Operation and maintenance instructions for the multi-size crimping tool.

WASK Universal Stopper Lifter Key

A complete how-to guide for the top tee and house-entry lifting key.