Company Statement

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Our Vision Statement

We will enhance our world leadership in confectionery by creating value for consumers through innovative and gratifying high-quality products.

Our Mission Statement

We at Main Layer:

  • Develop, manufacture, and market high-quality and innovative products for our consumers through the efficient use of our resources and in collaboration with our business partners;
  • Create a fulfilling workplace for our employees built on trust, mutual respect, and appreciation of their diversity;
  • Value the role we play in our communities, as a socially and environmentally committed organisation;
  • Generate economic value through superior growth and profitability.

Continuous focus on these principles will lead us toward Our Vision.

Vision Statement

A mission statement clarifies what the company wants to achieve, who they want to support, and why they want to support them.

  • What does success look like for our organization?
  • How will the world be different if we succeed in our mission?
  • What makes our organization unique?

Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

On the other hand, a vision statement describes where the company wants a community, or the world, to be as a result of the company’s services. Thus, a mission statement is a roadmap for the company’s vision statement.

  • What do we do?
  • For whom do we do it?
  • What is the benefit?

Our Core Values and Expectations.

We are proud of our values. They are non-negotiable and guide everything we do. To thrive in an ever-changing world and achieve our purpose, we need behaviours that keep us competitive, while staying true to our values.

Accountability is about taking ownership, prioritising work that supports our strategy and delivering what we promise. Development e

Integrity is about how we expect the highest ethical behaviours of ourselves and others.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

We will conduct our business as responsible members of society, respecting the laws of the countries in which we operate, contributing to the progress of the local communities in line with the legitimate role of the business. We will operate safely, responsibly, and with sound environmental practices, aimed at minimising our impact on the environment and working toward long-term sustainability.


We are committed to achieving ambitious business goals while securing our company’s profitability, thus ensuring our independent growth.


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