Gas Purge Vent Stack & Flame Trap Kit

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The purge stack, sometimes known as gas venting equipment, has been designed for the purging of a gas or air into the atmosphere. This process takes place prior to abandonment or commissioning of the live gas pipes. The kit is available in a range of sizes and can be supplied with a quick release cam-lock fittings to increase productivity and efficiency. Compatible with a support stand (sold separately).



  • Simple and easy to use
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Compatible with Wask bagging off equipment
  • 2.5m overall length
  • Made in the UK


The kit consists of:

  • 4x Hex nipple connectors
  • 8x Pipe lengths
  • 4x T-piece and ball valve/hose barb assemblies
  • 4x Flame arrestor trap ends (optional)
  • 8x Cam-lock quick disconnect fittings (optional)
  • Carry bag


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180mm hydraulic squeeze off tool for gas and water plastic pipe

Hydraulic Squeeze Off Tool 63mm – 180mm

This specific hydraulic pipe squeeze off tool has been designed to control the flow of gas and water within polyethylene (PE) pipes ranging from 63mm to 180mm in diameter. Commonly used for repair and connection operations, enabling work to be undertaken while the pipeline is under pressure. The pipe is squeezed shut in a controlled manner by simply using the hydraulic jack handle. Safety locking bolts are put in place to prevent squeeze pressure being released by possible jack failure.

  • 15 tonnes of clamping force
  • Removable bottom squeeze off bar
  • Labelled built-in stop plates
  • Locking down bolts for extra safety
  • Powder coated and zinc plated steel parts
  • Conforms to Gas Industry Standards GIS/PL2-7:2013
  • Made in the UK

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